Welcome to Nucleus-CM

Your hub for full-scale content and presentation management

The execution of events is evolving. Gone are the days of simply hosting speaker content on one device in a physical room. Coordinating dozens of pieces of content simultaneously across the world is the new norm. Are you prepared?

Nucleus-CM is a platform that covers the full scope of content management and presentation tools all in one simple hub. It solves the problem of managing online speakers at the same time by not only gathering all content in one place, but also allowing event techs to manage it directly from the same site.

We’re all used to producing live events with dozens of speakers; now you can do it the same way in the virtual world with the same level of polish.




This robust remote presentation management tool was created with usability at top of mind. Compile dozens of presentations, assign collaborators, and directly click through on show day with no lag. All from one device.

Solve the problem of coordinating different virtual rooms by using VCue to house and control them all within the same app. They are all easily visible so you can see the status and advance the material as needed.

The system connects to presenters no matter where they’re located, so they can see their slide, a preview of the next, and click through themselves if desired. The content is still housed on your central production system; VCue simply puts control in the hands of whoever needs it.

VCue is also designed for scalability and can be utilized at an individual or company level. Have several shows happening at the same time? Simply add users for all techs to manage their content simultaneously and even control main and backup presentations synchronously.